Community Agents Essex Enquiries

Community Agents Essex works in partnership with Essex Lifestyle Service and Social Prescribing services in Essex. The aim is to enable people of any age to quickly access non-medical support and guidance that will help them to improve their wellbeing.


Each project retains its own identity and expertise but working together we minimise duplication and improve effectiveness and efficiency.


Through the partnership we will be simplifying our enquiry pathways for all of the incoming requests to Community Agents Essex. From 1st December 2019 all enquiries will be routed through a new single point of access operated by Provide. This will be done automatically but should you need them the new contact details are below.


Live Well Link Well contacts:

Tel: 0300 3039988



This will ensure the enquiry can be assigned to the most appropriate partner with access the full range of support the partners can offers.

Date posted: 27 November 2019

Community Agents Essex Enquiries

Community Agents Essex