Covid-19 Arrangements Update

Covid-19 Delivery arrangements

Community Agents Essex will continue to support people through these challenging times. As we come out of another lockdown and into Tier 2 for Essex, Community Agents continues to follow advice from the Government as it is reviewed and updated. Obviously we would like to get back to normal as soon as possible, but for now we continue to operate a (necessary) temporary change to the way we work.

Please be assured that all agents abide by government guidance regarding self-isolation and social distancing. We have stopped all non-essential visits within a client’s home or public place. Should an agent feel a visit within the home is essential with a person who is social distancing they will follow strict assessment questions prior to the visit and a decision will be made on a case by case basis. This will be in consultation with their Service Coordinator. No face to face contact will be permitted where a client shows symptoms and/or is self-isolating. For anyone that has been tested this will be subject to a known negative result.

All visits will be subject to agent availability.

However, despite the necessary restrictions we have been providing support to thousands of clients since March and we are determined to work towards home visiting in a safe but more frequent and recognised way, so we can deliver our service in a way that supports our clients best. We will continue to monitor the situation and adhere to government guidance to keep our clients and staff safe at this time. 

Community Agents continues to work with partners, including Essex Wellbeing Service and we are responding to enquiries and requests for support as soon as possible by phone to ensure that the client knows that we have received their enquiry.  

As was started in the first lockdown, we continue to work with the United in Kind Coaches so that the Community Agents have an awareness of what local organisations are offering to support people with the symptoms or self- isolating, alongside their own contacts. Many of the support organisations and groups are not operational at present, but we update our resources regularly.

The number of requests to pick up essential shopping, medication and other needs such as posting letters has decreased, but where necessary we will support people in this way. Many of the local hubs have continued, albeit smaller in number and volunteers are still available to pick up shopping, medication and leave it outside and/or post letters where this is essential and no other option is available.

 To facilitate deliveries we have set up online payment methods for clients and re-imbursement procedures for volunteers. Clients will have 5 potential methods to pay for their shopping:

  1. Self-payment (prepaid internet / telephone order for collection)
  2. Cash
  3. Cheque payable to RCCE
  4. Online through RCCE website
  5. Bank transfer to RCCE

All of these tasks will be undertaken in accordance with strict protocols to protect client and staff safety.

Requests for support can be made (whether individuals or family, self-referring, or requests from local hubs, health and Social Care professionals) through the Essex Wellbeing Service

Live Well Link Well and The Essex Wellbeing Service

All general enquiries and referrals call 0300 3039988

or email

You can refer online via

Date posted: 27 November 2020

Covid-19 Arrangements Update