Covid-19 Arrangements

Covid-19 Delivery arrangements

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Community Agents Essex will continue to support people through these challenging times. The escalation of the coronavirus crisis and the updated advice from the Government about self-isolation and social distancing will however necessitate a temporary change to the way we work.


Please be assured that all agents must abide by government guidance regarding self-isolation and social distancing. We have stopped all non-essential visits within a client’s home or public place. Should an agent feel a visit within the home is essential with a person who is social distancing they must agree this in advance with their Service Coordinator. Any such visits will be subject to strict assessment questions prior to the visit to protect their health. No face to face contact will be permitted where a client shows symptoms and/or is self-isolating. For anyone that has been tested this will be subject to a known negative result. All visits will be subject to agent availability.


Working with Essex Welfare Service we are receiving requests for support and these will be regarded as a priority over welfare calls. They will be responded to as soon as possible by phone to ensure that the client knows that we have received their enquiry. Where possible we provide support remotely by phone.


Working with the United in Kind Coaches the Community Agents have an awareness of what local organisations are offering to support people with the symptoms or self- isolating.


We will accept requests to pick up essential shopping, medication and other needs such as posting letters. Our aim is to work with local hubs and volunteers to pick up shopping, medication and leave it outside and/or post letters. Where local support cannot be found the Community Agents will be permitted to pick up shopping, medication and leave it outside and/or post letters. We can support isolated adults in accordance with the table in Appendix A.


To facilitate deliveries we have set up online payment methods for clients and re-imbursement procedures for volunteers. Clients will have 5 potential methods to pay for their shopping:

  1. Self-payment (prepaid internet / telephone order for collection)
  2. Cash
  3. Cheque payable to RCCE
  4. Online through RCCE website
  5. Bank transfer to RCCE

All of these tasks will be undertaken in accordance with strict protocols to protect client and staff safety.


To speed up the process requests for the above support from local hubs, health and Social Care professionals can be made direct through the existing Community Agents Essex pathway by email to:

At present you need to contact Community Agents Essex direct for support please call 03337778087


Date posted: 19 March 2020

Covid-19 Arrangements